Workers' Compensation Medical Case Management

Certified Managed Care Plan State of South Dakota

  • DynaPro Enterprises, Inc. offers a comprehensive managed care plan in the state of South Dakota that includes an orientation program to help educate employers and adjustors.
  • Our nurses are well versed in the managed care rules and regulations.
  • Our nurses are trained to identify issues early in the claim to prevent problems further down the line.
  • DynaPro Enterprises, Inc. maintains all state mandated reporting as per South Dakota statute.
  • DynaPro Enterprises has an experienced MCO Administrator who is available to answer any questions you may have at no additional cost.

Early Intervention (EI)

  • Our experienced nurse case managers will triage or review your workcomp injuries to ensure your employees are getting the most appropriate and cost effective medical treatment of their injury.
  • DynaPro's Early Intervention Program is designed to ensure that every injured worker receives quality medical care and that his or her recovery is complete.
  • Overall, quick response and early intervention provides for efficient claims handling, reduced costs, and positive employee morale by demonstrating to injured employees that you are concerned about his/her welfare and are providing quality workers' compensation benefits.
  • DynaPro nurse case managers are licensed in various states and have experience in handling claims telephonically in approximately 20 states.

Telephonic Case Management

  • A DynaPro case manager will maintain contact with the injured worker, employer, provider and adjustor via telephone, email and/or fax.
  • The EI/TCM case manager will obtain appointment updates from the injured worker and provider and assure that the injured worker is attending the scheduled appointments.
  • The EI/TCM case manager will assure that the injured worker is released from care prior to closing the file and request MMI as appropriate.
  • The EI/TCM case manager will act as a liaison between all the involved parties to assure that everyone is updated on the status of the medical treatment.
  • The EI/TCM case manager will coordinate appropriate and timely referrals to specialists when appropriate and medically necessary.
  • Early Intervention by DynaPro's experienced case managers provides an early contact with the injured worker, employer, provider and adjustor. This can often prevent lost time and the involvement of numerous providers and possibly unnecessary procedures and tests.
  • When the case manager is involved in the first 24-48 hours of the injury, he/she can work with the injured worker, employer and provider to help negotiate an earlier return to transitional duty.

Onsite Case Management

  • The onsite case manager attends and coordinates the appointments to gain first-hand knowledge of what transpired at the appointment.
  • The onsite case manager can address causation, work status, medical necessity and any other issues that may arise immediately while at the appointment.
  • The onsite case manager can explain what the provider just told the injured worker to the claimant, employer and adjustor in terms that are better understood than "medical jargon."
  • The onsite case manager is able to develop a rapport with the injured worker while spending one-on-one time with him/her in the waiting room. This can often result in the discovery of additional information regarding past history and thus greatly impacting the outcome of the claim.
  • The onsite case manager is able to visit the place of employment to help determine the mechanism of injury and appropriate transitional duties. He/she can often suggest minor changes to help minimize the chance of similar injuries in the future.