Employee Assistance Program

An EAP is designed to help work organizations address productivity issues by assisting employees in identifying and resolving personal concerns. These concerns include, but are not limited to: health, marital, work, family, alcohol, drug, emotional, stress, or other personal issues that may affect job performance.

DynaPro Enterprises, Inc. offers an affordable solution that enables you to offer EAP to your employees. Personal problems are part of everyone's life. Often these problems can become too big to be solved alone and can interfere with job performance.

We can provide comprehensive counseling and referral services to help employees achieve a balance between their work and family and other personal responsibilities. Job effectiveness can be adversely affected when employees are faced with mental or emotional problems, family responsibilities, or dependent care needs. The EAP can be extremely important in the prevention of, and intervention in, workplace violence incidents; the delivery of critical incident stress debriefings; and providing assistance to employees during periods of corporate restructuring.

A well-designed Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is very cost effective. It reduces absenteeism, reduces attrition, increases productivity, and makes managing easier. A stressed employee (whether the stress arises from the workplace or from outside) will usually not perform up to standards. And when one employee does not perform up to standards, others follow right along -- the domino effect.

Every supervisor, at one time or another has an employee with a performance problem. Sometimes this is the result of inadequate training, insufficient tools, or other job related factors. However, many times it has nothing to do with the company, it is the result of a personal problem.

One of the primary benefits of having an EAP available to employees is that the supervisor may recommend the employee seek assistance before the employee's job performance reaches a critical stage. This assistance costs the employee nothing.

The employee's problem remains confidential. The supervisor does not know what the problem is or if the employee has attended unless the employee gives written permission.

Additionally, a supervisor may speak to an EAP counselor to get advice on how to handle a sensitive situation. The EAP therapist will coach the supervisor on how to approach a troubled employee.

The EAP provides a Win-Win situation for everyone concerned, the company, the supervisor, the employee.

Supervisors, managers, human resource professionals and union representatives take advantage of the following EAP work-site services:

  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
  • Consultation on work-site policies and programs that affect employee health and well-being and on employee needs when planning major workplace changes.
  • Employee Risk Management - we can consult with and train supervisors, managers and union representatives to effectively identify, interact with and refer troubled employees to the EAP. This helps them to constructively approach employees regarding job performance, attendance, and behavioral issues.